Books in 100 words: The Mill on the Floss

I was introduced to using an annotated bibliography during my university course, and I thought writing a concise piece after every book I read would be a good habit to get into. It doesn’t need to be a work new to the world, just new to me. I especially like that it gives me opportunities to create posts which don’t need to be lengthy. So, without further ado:

The Mill on the Floss, George Eliot

A familiar nineteenth-century tale of increasingly hopeless circumstances and vicious social rituals forcing characters into despair and deprivation. Finances and feuds ravage the lives of Maggie and Tom Tulliver and their parents, sweeping away the family’s possesions – almost their home – and become a near insurmountable obstacle between Maggie, her books and her passionate yet platonic attachment to childhood playfellow Philip Wakem. Maggie’s life is a painful quest for love and approval from her brother’s unyielding heart which sees her relinquish the pleasures of her life for Tom’s vague attentions. Yet nature’s threat, the River Floss, far outmatches that of society.